, Netherlands

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2020-02-23 6:23:11
“the broad interest in tech made me go fly RC models. it’s great to learn about aviation and physics related to aviation. the nice thing about RC is it involves computer skills / programming (which i thought at school as boring?‹, see the change) as well as mechanics, so you have to build structural things you can move with electronics. my occupation is truckdriver so i have to do with hydraulics, air systems (brakes) electronics and mechanics. Technics is my passion and it’s great to spread it to other people. my neighbour has a son who is an autist and i’ve got him to learn building rc controlled airplanes and fish feeder boats so now he gets out of the house and has a hobby outside. if the RC hobby gets demolished by regulations we are less able to learn kids things they do not learn at school. (and adults as well) we have to teach them basic skills and get them to go outside and play and learn. at present times the people are too much busy with computers / mobile phones and not using there creativity. Get active people!! and use your hands together with your brains and get involved in making stuff that will give you satisfaction and a lot of joy.”