, Australia

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2020-02-19 3:46:17
“Flying is therapeutic in an increasingly stagnant and stay at home world where digital entertainment is king. The social and educational are benefits are tangible. The hobby enables many aspects of people’s endeavors being it artistic as in freestyle flying or the adrenaline rush of racing and competing. The freedom to take videos or images of landscapes and beautiful terrain should be available to all. If the current rules are followed as is, as long as flying near people and property is not undertaken then there is no safety issue period. These proposed rules are supposedly in the interest of safety but there is NO safety issue, there have been zero deaths caused by multirotor drones and the general hobby has been extremely safe over the decades it’s existed. What are the reasons these new FAA rule proposals are based on? Where is the safety assessment that has caused these new rules to be formulated? FPV is the closest I can get to flying and I love the hobby and I will not stop flying my models because there is no safety issue I can see and I fly responsibly and will always do so as will all my friends who also enjoy this great hobby.”