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, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:39:16
“I have been flying model RC Aircraft since 1968. I have met many individuals and families through this hobby that I would otherwise never encountered. We share build techniques, modifications, flying skill practices and electronic hardware experiences. Additionally we get the chance to show youngsters the hobby, the math, the building world and skill set it takes to become a “Traditional Model Aviator”. Many times the youngsters have continued their journey into professional careers in aviation, aeronautics, aircraft mechanics and other associated industries of general aviation including commercial pilots and pilot engineering. The “Traditional Model Aircraft” is more than a recreational hobby for the United States it is a learning platform and an introduction into skill sets that are no longer available in 99% of our public schools. I feel adamant the FAA’s NPR for Remote ID will by purpose and design kill off Traditional Model Aviation. The TMA has never posed a threat to the FAA airspace and never will. It is a complete tragedy to group TMA into the autonomous, GPS navigated, beyond line of sight regulations and control. Please consider creating two groups: 1) Traditional Model Aviation – Non-Autonomous; Non-GPS, Line of Sight 2) Commercial and general public Autonomous, GPS navigated beyond line of Sight. Regarding the existing exemption for FRIA locations – please remove the 12month period for applying for and creating new FRIA’s. The FAA should support new FRIA’s with open ended application for new FRIA creation. This alone will allow for more pilots interactions and the FAA will know the sites location as well as understand all Aircraft will be flown line of sight within the confines of the FRIA. This will also help the multi-million dollar economy of TMA to survive otherwise the current NPR for Remote ID will not only shut down recreational flight it will certainly kill the Model Aviation Industry. PLEASE REVERSE COURSE with the NPR as currently presented.”