, New Zealand

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2020-02-14 3:48:14
“When I was a young boy of 9 years old I got my first model plane (which was a balsa wood and tissue paper kit set) with a gas engine and control lines. I used to fly this plane in my street and at the school for almost a year. I moved cities and could not fly after that. Now, I am 55 years old and I have been flying scratch built FPV multirotors for 3 years. I have taught 2 friends and another friends’ son how to solder, build a multirotor and program the flight control software of FPV drones. We get together to fly as often as we can, usually one weekend a month if possible and help each other with new tricks and with fixing and building new models. The son of my friend has joined the Air Training Corp because of the love of flight he found in FPV and he will be pursuing a career in the armed forces all because of that passion. If the NPRM goes ahead, I am afraid that other countries (including mine) will adopt these rules and this will affect so many model builder and pilots around the world effectively killing a very safe and rewarding hobby. This may also have other unforeseen consequences such as my friends son may not have gained an interest in flight and may not have joined the ATC! Flying is a great way to connect with other people that you would not normally share an interest with and is also a great way of teaching people new skills that can be used in other areas and even opens up new career paths. Please reconsider remote ID and the affect it will have on model flying hobby.”