, Colts Neck

, New Jersey

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 14:00:05
“I am an emergency room physician who grew up flying Rc planes with my father. It was some of the best time of my life. We always did it in compliance with safety regulations. It helped spark an interest in sciences and contributed to my education and success. I hope to be able to share the same experiences with my son who is not yet of age to fly RC but already has an interest in aviation or at least airplanes! I am very worried about the impact on the RC hobby and STEM education. These regulations will punish those of us who have impeccable safety records and comply with all legislation currently, however they will do little to stop those who are currently operating illegally. Those who fly with ill intent will obviously not comply with current or any new legislation. Many of my models are micro or park flyers meaning smaller models that will not lend to added weight of additional electronics/transponders. I do not see why model aviation has to be impacted by big industry looking to control the sub 400 foot airspace. I’m worried by the extent of reach of this regulation. It may sound like hyperbole, but the thought, “Next I’m going to have to put a transponder on a football if I decide to play catch with my son because it’s operating in the sub 400 foot airspace,” actually crossed my mind. This is a bit of an over reach and I believe is going to be hurting an unintended target (the typical RC aviation enthusiast). The majority of RC aviation enthusiasts have operated under current legislation and have done so with an great safety record. Those few who operate illegally flying in restricted airspace should be punished appropriately, but to think that requiring everybody to equip a plane or drone with remote ID will change safety is foolish. Why would these law breakers add remote ID to their setup? The regulations proposed are well meaning but aimed in the wrong direction. Those who skirt around current legislation and regulations will continue to do so and blemish the safety record of your RC hobbyist, but lumping them in with those who fly with AMA coverage complying with all regulations including the current FAA certificate requirement is an unfair and misguided punishment that will stifle an already struggling industry and stamp out the hobby which has lead to so much innovation, enjoyment, and the education.”