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2020-02-14 0:11:59
“I’ve worked in the Aerospace Industry all my life, from working on aircraft like the P3C Orion, F/A-18 etc all the way through to Design Engineering on the Boeing 787. I’ve also been extremely passionate about all things flight related. My son has grown up influenced by this passion so much so that he’s not only won 3 Australian Nationals & 3 Australian Opens in drone racing but also Won the MultiGP International Open World Cup in the US twice now. He’s passion has gone beyond just flying and racing drones. He’s now an extremely competent design engineer having design his own racing Drone through to designing his own motors, through to CFD Analysis on Propellor design. A lot of the R&D in the Motors designs is now implemented in all the larger drones used for cinematics through to Military drones. To see this young kid develop such passion that touches so many people all over the world is truly mind blowing as a father. I look at the design engineers I’ve worked in Boeing with and compare them to a self taught young man like my son who would hands down out design many who have been in the industry for years. My Son is 20 years old now and we travel the world and race drones everywhere from Europe through to Turkey and the US and I would hate to see the sport that inspires so many people, develops tomorrows engineers be limited in it’s potential. I look at the positives in terms of stem etc and what it has to offer and wonder why you would want to limit it. As specially when the altitudes we fly at would make it virtually impossible for a collision with full size aircraft. This is a great video that we did in conjunction with the Australian Army, an event they held directly in Line with the flight path of Sydney International Airport. All done with proper approvals and done safely. Watch from 12:35 if you want to hear the Army’s view of drone racing and why they are involved with the sports side of model aviation. Best Regards Paul Bitmatta