, North Dakota

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2020-02-22 12:16:20
“I remember the first time my Dad showed me how to fold a paper airplane. I loved that you could take something simple like a sheet of paper and fold it in a way that allowed it to fly. I grew up with my Dad in the hobby of making “flying things”, his name is Ronald Jesme and he actually made the first electric mono-copter. He would make really anything that could fly and attempted to make a quad copter way before its time. I would sit in our basement and watch him work away and for a 2 year stretch I watched him make a 3 meter wingspan sail plane called the “Bird of Time”, again seeing a bunch of sheets of wood come together into a massive remote control glider was incredible! Also I grew up with so many different Airhog toys, we lost countless numbers of the “pump up” planes that ran on compressed air. Today I have now finished my first scratch build foamy and I only plan to continue building more. I will say at the stage of life I am in right now, if the price of this hobby went up 10% I still wouldn’t be participating in it yet. I can see where regulation is wanted, I believe there are many people who buy a quad-copter with a camera and tend to use it where-ever they want. It may be there first RC aircraft and they have no idea how to fly it. This can cause many disruptions and definitely injury due a spinning prop. If there was a way to distinguish irresponsible flying in inappropriate places and hobbyists who just want to fly in a empty park, that would be ideal.”