, Kazakhstan

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2020-02-14 0:47:38
“Aeronautics and model flying was attracting me since school years, but RC flying was not feasible for many reasons (materials and equipment availability etc). Local modeling clubs were mostly doing free flight and control line models that were not that interesting for me. I went into electronics and programming, and that later had become my work (I am a telecom engineer). I have rediscovered RC hobby about 6 years ago, when I suddenly realized, that it have become accessible and there are a lot of information available in the internet on designing, tuning and flying, and FliteTest was and remains my one of main inspirations for flight and RC hobby. Having a poor eyesight I had a lot of problems tracking model Line of Sight, but soon I have discovered FPV, and it made flying not only possible, but really enjoyable! I started building and flying quadcopters and soon found out that all my electronics and IT skills fell in line with this hobby! Also, the hobby introduced me to 3D design and printing further extending creative joy of the RC hobby. I have built more than 10 quadcopters during these yers (some are crashed and lost, some handed down, but five are active in my fleet now) and few fixed wing planes (i also fly them FPV). I am member of local Aeromodeling Sports Federation, that gives me access to not-so-local flying field (about a one hour drive from my home), where I mostly fly my fixed wing models or chasing other planes with my FPV quads. I myself prefer flying FPV quads in unpopulated areas, in nearby mountains etc, where I can have nice environment for some FPV freestyle without disturbing anyone, but having a lot of fun, especially flying with friends. I hope that my growing up kids will join me in the hobby, at least they are joining me to the flying field and in my FPV travels and we are having fun reviewing the drone footage later. Remote ID NPRM gives me feeling that future of my RC flying hobby is unsafe. Currently suggested set of rules kills the most fun part of the hobby — designing and building your own aircrafts. Should the rules be accepted as proposed, accessibility of all RC related components will suffer in the whole world that will make the hobby more expensive and may be even impossible to afford. My other concern is that our local rulemakers and lawmakers may get the idea of Remote ID rules and try to implement them locally, using USA as an example of “worldwide standard for airspace safety”. The hobby remains niche (especially FPV part) and there are a lot of people having misconceptions about it. I believe, that more simple and reasonable rule set (like AGL height limit, no flying in airport controlled areas or other explicitly restricted areas) would help to really improve safety of RC / FPV flying. And worst case scenario is demonstrated by our neighbors, Uzbekistan, where buying or having drones or drone parts is a real criminal offense… Hope for the best future of our hobby. All the best wishes to FliteTest team!”