, Spring Hill

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-13 19:51:15
“Hello, I just retired a couple of years ago and began to experience model flying in December, 2019. I really have found the hobby to be a tremendous way to relax and meet great people. I bought my plane and had a retired national RC competitor taught me the basics of flight. I started with the Horizon Hobby Aeroscout. Great plane, I used the “SAFE” mode for the first two or three flights. Now, it is just the thrill of me practicing different skills. An unbelievable adventure! I am currently considering what will be my next plane. A little more advanced. I have watched a number of different people flying FPV quad copters on “YOUTUBE” and the sights are incredible. So, I bought my first quad copter and am currently learning to fly this. I have yet to buy the goggles because in my mind I need to learn how to fly line of sight before using the camera. I have never flown my Quad around people because of my current skill level. The ability to fly over your neighborhood or through the trees at the local park. WOW. Really a fantastic experience is what my imagination is getting me ready to experience. I am truly saddened by the accusations being leveled at me and all other modelers. To track a certain segment of the population, including children, who have never done any harm to anyone. Well, everyone needs to step back and look at what the results of the proposal would do to honest law abiding citizens of our country and the rest of the world. Also consider the cost to society and business world wide. Minimum, half a million jobs gone? There are far simpler and fair ways of accomplishing these goals. Please broaden the scope of people you, the FAA, consult with. Please.”