, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-24 10:32:52
“My interest in aviation began when my father gave me my first balsa wood glider. Not that soon after, with his help, I was building my first RC aircraft. We later flew this aircraft at a park just a few miles from our house. These are the experiences which led to me signing up for that first flying lesson at a nearby airport, and eventually to obtaining my Part-61 certificate, Instrument Rating and Glider Rating. We are in the middle of a global pilot shortage. We need to be encouraging interest in all forms of aviation through hobbies like RC aircraft and FPV drones, and drone photography and videography. The proposed regulations in FAA-2019-1100-0001 will do the opposite. The proposed regulations give RC fixed wing and rotor aircraft enthusiasts no viable path for compliance, and imposes additional costs and restrictions which will only discourage the introduction to UAS aviation as a hobby. ##### As I studied and learned the FAA regulations for manned flight, I never once came across a rule where I questioned the reasoning behind it. Every rule was clearly based on an underlying goal of safety. All of the rules made sense. But now, for the first time, I am seeing proposed in FAA-2019-1100-0001, regulations which cause me to question whether underlying motives and goals are still all about safety.”