, Deland

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-14 9:34:18
“Model Planes are part of my family identity, please help us to preserve it. My family has been involved in Model making and Flying Since the 1930s. It’s a family tradition that extends from my grandparents, my uncles and now I want to preserve to my extended family. As far i can remember, my uncles had been flying RC Planes for decades with zero fatal accidents in my memory. My uncles helped me to build my first RC model when I was 12, now in my adult years, I still fly and build my own models, and fly in AMA fields, participate in Flite Test events, I pay taxes and contribute to this economy by supporting an activity that helps to reduce stress, improve my mental health, and brings so much joy in my life. I am worry that this regulation will harm the future prospects of this hobby to reach new generations of 12 year old pilots, like i was, that not expend much time anymore building craft things or going out to the sun besucase smartphones. by making Model Airplanes economically impossible for most of them pay the costs of buying building planes, getting license, subscribing to an online service, subscribing to a sanctioned CBO, getting tracking devices, plus, above all, risking their privacy and security from crime by letting 3rd parties know their exact location, their homes, their names, their flying hours all the time. I know that there are ways to make irresponsible pilos accountable for risky flying behavior, but let’s work togather, authorities and hobby community to render safety game rules for the hobby to be safe, affordable for future generations to enjoy.”