, Canada

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2020-02-23 10:44:32
“RC flight gives me the almost all the benefits of a vacation anytime I want flying line of sight planes and gliders can be meditative (transcendental) and relaxing while FPV racing can give me the excitement of rushing past trees and obstacles, truly feeling alive and like I can fly. I can take nature photos from places I’d never be able to reach on my own. I can also improve my mind by designing my own craft and working with circuitry and my HAM radio skills to creat awesome projects. I can share this passion as a teacher to my students and inspire them to new heights of ingenuity and experiences. All of this I was able to enjoy both with people and on my own when I needed to recharge my social energy just on my own. My finances have been variable over the years, but I’d always found that ingenuity and a willingness to build from scratch or repair other people’s cast offs allowed me to enjoy this hobby even when I’d not been bake to afford new planes or drones. Flying has improved my life and become a part of my identity, having helped me get through some hard times to the point of maybe saving my life by giving me good things to think of and look forward to each week when times have been tough.”