, Czech Republic

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2020-02-19 2:43:11
“I like to build and fly quadcopters. The technical challenges with every new build are very interesting and appealing to me. I like to think during the planning phase and I enjoy when my plan succeeds. Thanks to this hobby I started 3d print and even 3d design various antenna/camera holders. Thanks to this hobby I found new friends, we fly and build together. After building dozen of quads I am now able to give valid advice and already helped a couple of becoming pilots with their first builds. I am afraid that due to increased regulation many people will not consider this hobby as an option and we will lose talent and innovation. I am afraid that RemoteID information will be easily misused by authorities and hacking companies will get another source of information that they could sell. I believe that it is more important to educate the public about drones and aviation. About the safety when flying drones, about good manners (do not fly above people, their property), about technical stuff related to aviation (eg. meteorology), about privacy and many many more things. Cheers and happy flying.”