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2020-02-14 15:38:05
“I am 73 years old and have been designing and building model airplanes since I was 8 years old. I am now retired from USAF and probably have over 100 airplanes that could be made flyable with a bit of work. I have been an AMA member since 1959. I also have several old radios that are pre-digital. With the VLOS rule the FAA just does not need any additional rules like remote ID. I fly in rural areas (on my farm) that don’t have reliable cell service. I have always thought that the FAA should have two sets of rules: 1. Traditional model airplanes that have no advanced technology (Rx, servos, maybe telemetry). By the nature of these airplanes they have to be flown fairly close to the pilot to control them (VLOS). This category would require NO FAA regulation. 2. Aircraft with advanced technology electronics such as FPV, GPS and other. These may need some regulation. Weight: FAA should change the exempt weight from 250g to 5kg.”