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2020-02-19 10:06:40
“I started in the RC hobby as a child (8 years old). This fascination with RC was my outlet for my learning disability. Building, flying and driving these toys in this hobby got me interested in the STEM field. I thought I was stupid and unable to learn but the confidence my hobby gave me to figure out complex scientific theory pushed me to be a better student. Once I realized that Engineering was the discipline that was associated with designing and building the tings around me and these toys I set my plan for life. Though academia was extremely difficult for me I used my hobby to learn and apply the complex theories learned in university and make my way through my education. Even into my career I still find that the principles learned in RC flight (aeronautical, mechanical, RF, thermal dynamics, electronics, software, etc.) have given me an advantage and a foundation to excel. I have gone from Principle engineer, Subject Matter Expert, Engineering Manager, to Director of Advanced Engineering at an established global electronics company and I owe it to the love and passion that RC flight has brought me in Engineering. I am dumbfounded that the FAA is choosing to cripple an established and historically safe hobby which brings so many people to the STEM fields with overreaching, dogmatic, unfounded regulations draped in the shroud of safety. Ignorance is not always a problem unless it is stubborn, ignored orfostered into stupidity. These regulations are at best ignorant but likely catering to special interest which in just plain STUPID. In a time where our nation is struggling to keep our edge in science and technology crippling established pathways for the next generations of scientist, engineers and dreamers is reckless. I close in stating, my 5 year old RC flight loving daughter has recited the pledge of allegiance to an extremely proud father this week. “With Liberty and Justice for All” are her proudest closing words of this pledge. With these continued “soft tyrannies” I feel our government and the governing bodies put in place to serve the people of this nation have lost sight of the meaning of these words. I implore the FAA to listen not just hear us as this ignorance can be cured.”