, Hagerstown

, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-19 0:34:02
“I’ve Been flying RC for 40 years since I was a kid. My father introduced me to RC and we did it as father and son. Now I’ve been a part of teaching many others like my father taught me including within some high school and college STEM programs. We have been flying safely for as long as I’ve participated. Therefore these new proposed remote Id rules are very worrisome to me for our hobby. I’m a member of the AMA and an officer in our local RC club. I fly everything from model turbine jets to fpv racing quads. I also hold my part 107 commercial license and do a part time aerial photography business. I do believe remote ID should be in play for the commercial beyond line of sight operations. However I believe anything within line of sight should be excluded. For Uav’s such as DJI models utilize the current software already onboard for the remote Id Info. I have no problem with that but please leave our other models and home build non-gps guided equipment out of this.”