, Michigan

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2020-02-20 18:58:57
“I have been flying for 26 years and have never had a problem following simple safty measures. I believe that anything that is autonomous should be the aircraft’s that need to have the remote ID on them. The majority of the people who fly that style of aircraft are not pilot’s. They simply go spend $1000+ on something that connects to a phine or tablet and flys on its own for 25-40 mins without needing any knowlage of safty or even experience to fly. As a FPV pilot I see everything that my drone comes in my flight path with minimal latency unlike the camera drones. If I see anything that I could possibly harm or damage ive already turned to a different direction before any problem arises. Also my drones get roughly 3.5 minutes of flight time so I stay in close proximity with a visual spotter. My idea of this matter is if you purchase your aircraft of a shelf thats ready to fly with more then 10 minutes of flight time and have gps and autonomous flight modes need the remote ID’s. With the new proposal every aircraft I own will be grounded. Also 26 years of my hobby’s builds that I own will just sit on a shelf or hang to become simply decorations.”