, Beaverton

, Oregon

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 11:49:26
“FPV is my release, when I’ve had a stressful day I can always count on being able to go fly a few packs and release that stress. I havent found many other outlets that allow me the amount of stress relief that FPV can provide me. I also can an immense amount of e enjoyment in building my own craft and developing skills I would other wise not have. Soldering being a big one, as well as computer skills. There is a large amount of satisfaction that comes from taking a piece of carbon fiber, building it up to be a complete flying machine and then being able to watch the machine work as you intended it to. I think most people who are in this hobby would agree with me. FPV also offers a unique perspective for individuals who are handicapped and could not other wise experience the freedom that it can offer. Imagine being bound by a wheelchair your while life, then discovering FPV and being able to experience the ability to move and travel as much as you want. These are just a few small things that are at risk when you over regulate this hobby. I fear that FPV and Model Aviation will go the way of General Aviation. Pricing individuals out of the ability to own and operate there own crafts. Destroying the industry and securing the skys for the ultra wealthy and commercial operators.”