, Utah

, United States

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2020-02-26 21:07:00
“I fly RC airplanes with my dad and my brother. It has given us something to bond over and be challenged by as we build, fly, and repair planes. The hobby has also given me an opportunity to connect with other families as I have taught parents and their kids how to fly with cheap home built foam planes. It is very important to me that flying can be accessible and easy. I fly at a local park. I have taught friends how to fly with cheap foam board planes. As limitations are added to where you can fly, and more equipment is needed on the plane, there are more barriers to go out and fly, or teach someone else how to fly. Whenever I teach people, inevitably, the plane comes back broken. As more equipment is added, there is more equipment to break increasing the cost of the starter plane. Flying model planes has given my family great joy and time together that we don’t get through any other hobby. I would be sad to see that disappear.”