, Kentucky

, United States

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2020-02-25 15:50:57
“Helped. Hange my life. Had left motorcycles behind after a wreck. I missed the fun and the rush of riding. Flying more than fulfilled that for me. If remote id goes into effect with the regulations proposed i will no longer be able to fly. I also wont be able to practice so i can compete in races and other events. Every sport can be practiced in parks or backyards. From basketball to soccer! We should be able to as well. I hope we can come to an arrangement where both sides are happy. Plus i have thousands invested. How can i educate people with put being able to use my equipment. We need to share the skys. I believe our own homes and property should be our decision. Also i think parks should be ok to fly as long as your responsible and following existing rules and regulations. Also long range in the mountains and forest should be ok as well. Just stay under 400 feet”