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2020-02-14 0:18:08
“My name is Mckaylund tuttle and I am a Recreational modeler and I am an Instrument rated pilot. I have been flying Remote control aircraft since I was 12 years old. I started off at my local park with a little airplane that I built myself. As the years grew on I became more passionate about my hobby and aviation as well. I am now training for my commercial license. I would not be where I am today without model aviation. This new regulation would create outstanding and horrible consequences for the youth of america, Small businesses, Men and women who are passionate about aviation who can not hold a medical license, families of America, and so on. I am in aviation now because of modeling aircraft, modeling was here way before actual aviation. models create a love and passion that that upcoming youth would not get to experience because of remote id. It would destroy our hobby as we know it. It would bring expensive fees, Unconstitutional rules, and dramatic increase in the cost to the hobby that would eventually kill it all together. Much of the verbiage of this bill needs to be cut out and rewritten. Here are some changes i would recommend to the new proposal. 1) Model Aircraft are not the same as Drones. They need to be put into two completely different categories. Commercial operators and model hobbyist are not the same and should not be treated as such. 2) Prices would skyrocket which would have an effect on small businesses. most would have to shut down. 3) New FAA approved flying sights need to be able to register for an indefinite timeline. It is not fair to have the registration open to them for only 12 months. These places come and go all the time. If it was only open for 12 months these flying sights would become nonexistent over time. we would be forced out of the hobby/ airspace without the ability to open new flying sights. 4) Verbage on amature build needs to be relaxed such as “manufacturer” of the aircraft. we do assemble these aircraft. 5) Remote ID should not be required for amature builds, remote control models, and toys. It is not practical as we stay below 400′ and fly at AMA sanctioned sites. We offer no hard to full size aircraft. We fly line of sight and always have a eye on our models and our surroundings. 6) $60 per aircraft registration would bring and end to our hobby with excessive fees. no fee to fly in the air is fair. nobody owns the sky. 7) serial numbers should not be mandatory on recreational models and amature builds. As parts are easily replaced and changed. most of the models are plastic and foam. this would also increase prices of the hobby. These are a few things that would be fair to us as hobbyists. we do not do this for business, we do this for a passion and to have fun. Remote ID would put an end to our hobby. It builds bonds between men and women with their friends and family. I do not support Remote ID in model aviation.”