, Scotch Plains

, New Jersey

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 13:37:04
“I’m 14 years old from New Jersey. I have been diving deep into the hobby for the past couple of months. Being at the age I am at right now there are a lot of people that want to give you a hard time about the things you do. Flying airplanes makes me happy and I don’t want anyone to take that away from me just because their is a slight safety concern. New Jersey being so densely populated doesn’t have a lot of open areas to fly. The small little park down by the street is all I got. If this rule gets put into place then how is the FAA going to know that there is one person in my town that wants to fly planes. In order to make that tiny little park accepted to fly planes. Thanks for hearing my side of the story and I hope that though the voices of all the hobby enthusiast around US we can make a difference and enjoy our beloved hobby”