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2020-02-26 15:37:52
“I have always wanted to get into the flight hobby, I also have a pair of teenage nieces who are interested in the hobby. I live on a small farm, literally the best place to experiment with unmanned hobbyist flight. However due to the upcoming changes to the existing rules governing hobbyist flight I find myself having to direct them away from the flight hobby. Why buy into this expensive hobby when next year it will be locked off to them. As everyone continues to decry the lack of educated STEM young women another avenue of building interest is denied them. Requiring the use of realtime tracking/telemetry of any drone (and worse pilot) presents a massive potential for privacy abuse. There is no point in gathering this data if it is not meant to be publicly shared with all other operators. This would require a public database. As someone who works/has worked in the big data industry it is foolish to think that your physical location, public registration information, flight times and patterns won’t be scraped from the DB by every tech giant. The Airspace immediately above structures has historically been in the hands of the land owner. Proposed regulations are effectively taking this away from the landowner and handing this area over to corporate interests. Placing the same expensive and cumbersome burdens on a hobbyist as on a commercial enterprise. By volume this might be the biggest theft of a resource in the history of the US. Worst of all is I’m not sure what problem this is meant to solve. Horse-ridding injures or kill more Americans than the hobbyist unmanned aircraft. Only real regulation needed? Commercial use of this air space should be Geo Fenced to existing federal/state/county owned right of ways (roads) which themselves are not under any other flight restriction, exit from those geo-fenced areas below 500ft on to privately held land should be limited to a reasonable time needed for the completion of a specific task (etc a delivery drone dropping off a package) and only then with the permission of the land owner. This would solve 90% of all perceivable issues, and focuses the burdens of the regulations on the commercial parties which have the most potential to gain.”