, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-23 13:08:05
“I’ve been flying radio control airplanes since the late 1970’s. As a hobby, it’s always been a passion of mine and a way to relax and have fun. I typically fly kit airplanes or scratch built foam “park flyer” airplanes at a local field within walking distance to my house. This field is seldom used by anybody except for an occasional dog walker. I feel that it would be completely unnecessary and a burden to have to drive somewhere else to fly my R/C airplanes in a designated FAA air park. Currently, I don’t have to compete for space or risk collisions with other R/C aircraft. Collisions that would be expensive and time consuming to fix. Most of my R/C aircraft are well under 10 lbs and I feel that the proposed weight exemption of 0.55 lbs is much to restrictive. All of my radio equipment is over 4 years old. The cost of having to replace radio equipment or register multiple aircraft is going to be much too expensive for me and many younger kids who are currently enjoying a good, wholesome hobby.”