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, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-13 18:47:43
“I fly all types of models. I am an AMA member, I belong to a MAC, I also am a 107 certified pilot. Most of my models are small. Nothing over 2kg. Most models are in the range of 150 – 500 g. So most of my flying is fairly low below 60 m, everything is line of sight. With my 107 certificate I fly commercially for real estate and landscaping and a few wedding photographers as well as some golf events. In this case I am flying no more than 60 m. Because of my flying I am well under the man air space lower limit. I feel that these restrictions should not apply to me in general. I think that this would be an unnecessary burden. I acknowledge that a lot of my MAC brothers and sisters fly much larger planes than myself. I know how they fly and I know that they fly in a condition and an environment that is safe. Furthermore the training that I received at the MAC on safety and on use of systems and equipment would be far superior to anything that the FAA could require or produce. The only concern that I think the FAA should concentrate on is long range FPV. This is the only place that I can see makes sense for remote ID. But this should be radio-based and not link to Wi-Fi. A radio base system makes more sense for providing notification to man aircraft. Especially since we know that Wi-Fi, and cell communications are prone to drop outs. I don’t know what they are thinking about with respect to Wi-Fi? Thank you Mark Occhionero”