, Hampton

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 23:10:29
“As an active duty member in the Air Force , I rely on FPV and mini quads to help me with the stress and mental health issues I have from being active duty. Other stress relief activities don’t work as well anymore, and in some cases makes me worse with additional problems. FPV allows me to not think about the stress for a few minutes as I am flying. Also, small things like getting outside, seeing new areas of my town that I would have never found if it weren’t for FPV. FPV has also brought a lot of good friends into my life and they have helped me with everything from getting my drone when it’s in the grass to assisting with electronics when my knowledge isn’t fully there. The feeling of accomplishment is completely different for me when it comes to FPV and the power of flight. The learning curve for FPV is steep but by taking my time and learning I have been able to give myself a sense of worth and well being with this life. I say life because most think of FPV as a hobby, to me, it’s my life. One day while watching youtube I came across a Rotor Riot video where the guys were flying FPV. This led me on a journey to find out more and also leading me to Facebook group like FPV market place. I bought my first drone and started flying, I actually crashed into my self the first flight, but it didn’t make me want to stop, it made me want to fly more. It made me want to improve my skills and become one of the famous pilots on YouTube. I then moved to langley AFB in hampton Virgina and joined a local group SOAR VA where Carlton Bennett , Dustin Russell, and several other group members took me in and got me improving my skills. I have improved so much from them and the ability to fly at local parks and not having to spend money to go to a special place to fly. With the SOAR group, we have been part of several public demos, so show the public what we do and to not be scared of the name drone! We give the spectators a screen or a pair of goggles and then go fly, the reactions I get out of someone watching me fly makes my day so much better, the ohhh and ahhs and the “wow your upside down!” Taking away my right to fly is cruel and will only hurt those that rely on this life for therapy. I hope you will consider my words and work with communities instead of destroying them”