, Anderson

, South Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 20:15:53
“RC flight has given me and my son an outlet to explore technology, build a skill set he is proud and talented at, and something that we can both share together. We have met people and enjoyed relationships that all are a direct result of our experience with the RC flight community. As someone who has spent almost their entire adult life working to ensure our nation’s public safety, I understand the need and responsibilities the FAA faces. However, the regulations as they are proposed are too broad, overreach what I believe to be their intent, and destroy the hobby that myself and so many others have grown to love. The thought that there are protected and far less regulated freedoms that often pose a much greater threat to public safety, yet myself and my son cannot enjoy a hobby (flying essentially toys!) in our neighbor’s field, with his permission, is an affront to common sense, creates a burden beyond the intent of reasonable regulations, and is an affront to the sacrifices I and many others have made as a public servant and veteran to protect this country and the freedoms it represents.”