, Netherlands

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2020-02-20 14:05:00
“I love scratch building planes, figuring out what works is fun and when it does work it’s extremely satisfying. This is what got me interested in flight and im going to university for aerospace engineering next year. I also fly fpv freestyle with a 700g miniquad which honestly the activity I love most in life. I enjoy just hiking through nature, exploring and looking for spots to fly. This regulation is going to completely kill the hobby. Im fine with registering my quads and attaching a ”dogtag” to them with my info. Doing an online course (for free) is fine with me aswell. I am however not going to spend the money on a remote ID device to broadcast all my private information. In my opinion there really isn’t an issue with safety at the moment and im only willing to go so far to please a regulatory body whose regulations I don’t agree with at all. If I were under FAA juridiction which I luckily am not, I just wouldn’t comply with the regulations. I fly far away from people anyways, staying under an altitude of 30m, there is absolutely nothing dangerous about this so why bother jumping through all the hoops at the cost of my privacy and finances?”