, Nampa

, Idaho

, United States

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2020-02-26 0:02:32
“I believe that model aviation from even before the Wright Brothers advanced the technology of flight. Education and learning to build and fly model aircraft has contributed greatly to our aviation technology and history. Model aviation such as thermal sailplanes and slope gliders would be greatly restricted by the proposed fly ID regulations. The first concern is all of my flying areas open soccer fields, semi remote hills and bluffs in low populated areas. The slope flying sights do not have any possibility of Wifi and limited cellular. The added wait would lower the performance of aircraft significantly. I am also a teacher that encourages students to build and fly. The cost of the technology will also prohibit many beginner from getting into the hobby. The cost of the added technologywould be a major hindrance to students. Getting kids interested in flight adds to education greatly. Don’t make it too difficult. The proposed regulations would almost end all of my flying activities. I understand the concern of the FFA, but I believe they are being swayed too much by interest groups that have no concern for the hobbyist and education.”