, Madeira Beach

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-18 22:23:18
“I am a 47yr old male construction worker with only a high school education. Becuase I did not further my education when I was younger, I was only able to get work in resturants or swinging a hammer. And this is what I have done for all of my working experience. Until in 2016 I discovered drones. At first it was just something interesting, something fun to do and thought it would be easy. The easy part quickly changed and I realized there was something more to this amazing ability for me to take flight. I was hooked not only on the flight, but the in’s and out’s of how these systems work. I learned how to research, diagnose, repair, understand how areonomics work and so much more. I now help others with my gained knowledge of this hobby. I educate on lookers interested in the craft and I am involved in a great community of other pilots that do the same. Becuase of this RC Hobby I have gained so much! Knowledge, freindships, creativity in an art, innovate and freedom of flight. I have realized the importance of this craft and tech and it should be passed on as a hobby and it will become something life changing. I now work with UAS vehicles for work. It has changed my life!”