, Winlock

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 8:56:08
“My granddad when I was a kid took me to air shows and rc plane clubs to see them fly. I wanted to get into it but money was a problem. Later when seeing drones come out got interested again. So I built a fav race drone also learned about flight test foam board planes have built several planes. I love flying my fpv drone around my place or my parents place. It fun to fly through the trees and trails. I have a 3dr solo which I take out when I want some good photos but mostly fly fpv. Also I love flying my flitetest foam planes. They are really fun to fly. I have just started my first 3D printed plane build. I like the building actually just as much as flying.. I have built multi rotors for family along with foam airplanes. My concern is I live in a rural area not much around. I understand safety issues in populated areas but out in the middle of no where with no internet the rules will make most people outlaws to fly around there own property. A lot more people fly over there own average then at airfields.”