, Shrewsbury

, Massachusetts

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 17:24:17
“I became interested in model aviation from seeing a Flite Test video when they were just starting out. I have built several of their designs and a few of my own from readily available materials from a dollar store. Building and flying have improved my knowledge of the design process and have given me hands on experience with electronic components. I fly with a group of people at a local park. We are always friendly and respectful of other people using the park and have entertained several local police officers if they stop by for a break. On top of these reasons for myself, my real reason for continuing the hobby is because it gives me a good activity to connect with my son. The lessons that model aviation teaches are lifelong and help nurture a well balanced person. Incremental learning, dealing with failures, safety and responsibility with technology and knowing your limits are just a few of the lessons that model aviation imparts. It also helps nurture a passion in aviation that has inspired many young people into careers in commercial and military aviation.”