, Waukesha

, Wisconsin

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-17 11:04:28
“The cost reduction in these components has brought the hobby to all. Which has lead to a large increase in flight in general, and more and more people are becoming interested in the hobby in all aspects, from teaching others to becoming professional pilots. The availability and readiness of the hobby has allowed this growth and just adding to the cost, and limiting the space in which you can enjoy yourself is going to hamper all of what this industry has seen in the past decade. Right back to point where it was prior, and only those with the money to afford the data rates or gas will have access, and thus the innovation and interest in aviation in general will fall. I know that flight has brought generations together for decades and continues to do so, and the reduction in just base cost has allowed for more than just those rich families to bond over something so wonderful. It would be a great shame to let amazon ruin everything it has done.. fact is most people already fly in fields or open spaces for the pure fact that won’t annoy or crash into people, none of which would likely end up in the way of these amazon drones. That being said, I do not understand why the drone are not being forced to certain flight patterns. I know for a fact no one is going to like hearing them at all hours flying over their homes dropping off who knows what. They should be restricted to flight over roads only, to minimize the risk of losing the drone and damage to personal property. That is what should be brought up is that a commercial flight is at more risk getting hit by an amazon drone then one someone is flying in a field. ( i guess the FAA wouldn’t care since amazon can afford any lawsuits for killing a plane full of people if need be unlike AMA, etc)”