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, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-22 21:58:17
“I have always loved the idea of flight. as a kid, i got a yellow blade cx electric helli. i always wanted to fly helis and even thought about joining the military as a heli pilot at one point. I lived to play (still do) games with flying, anywhere from a realistic flight simulator, to Historic aircraft (war thunder), and futuristic battling drones that you can build from scratch (D.R.O.N.E. the game). I also loved and still love photography. Always have as a child. In fact I won an award once in school. I was always fascinated by aerial photography and shots from helis in movies. I always imagined that it would be un reachable for me. When the first drones with cameras and gps started coming out, I immediately wanted one. I wanted to learn how to fly and make a business shooting weddings and special events that people could re watch and cherish for ever. Arial footage would add such a magical element to the bride and groom walking down the isle. That kiss after the couple says there vows as the drone slowly rotates around them, showing the passion, love and excitement in the moment. as well as capturing the beauty of the clothing and the surrounding aria. I was later turned off because of the regulations that at the time i thought were a bit strict and unnecessary. The equipment was also expensive so that plan was on hold. A few years passed and I saw an advert for these Red bull air races in tiny get planes. I cant recall the name, but I thought that was amazing. A few more years passed and i started seeing videos of FPV (First Person View) drone racing. I immediately wanted to get into that. a biit later after watching the competition, i decided that it was not really for me to do professionally but instead settled on the freestyle aspect(after seeing some of Mr.Steele’s vids on youtube). I also wanted to learn how to fly very smooth and take beautiful cinematic shots with a go pro (like Jony FPV) I finally felt like aerial cinematography was within my grasp I always wanted small drones and i got a very tiny one at first with goggles. it was really fun and then i had a few more really small ones that I flew indoor and out. All of these drones had propellers less then 3 inches, in fact less then 2.5. I flew in my house, around my apartment complex and in a flying field once. it was great fun. A few people were interested, and some one had a concern but i talked to them and to make them feel better, I moved away a little and they had no more issues with my hobby. Recently, I started hearing about all these proposed regulations which i believe will kill the hobby and kill it as a small business for individuals, only allowing large corporations to take over and push all of us out. not only the drone field but many other awesome people flying those expensive alpines and helies and other craft. These regulations would be devastating. much less people would join the hobby, people would go out of business, jobs would be lost but worst of all, it would seriously effect those that many of us who use flight as a therapy. There are many older people or disabled people stuck in wheelchairs. some of whom also deal with a lot of pain and mental suffering because of their inability to move. however when they turn on their drone and put on the goggles, Their wheel chair diapered, their pain becomes faint and all they have is the sky and the world to play with. Most of the day they are stuck in chairs, sometimes not being able to even go to the bathroom by themselves but with the goggles on, they can fly with the birds, they can go through trees they can loop-de-loops and just explore the world from a unique prospective. Even if you are able-bodied, do you know the rush you get from flying in a forest going 30, 50, 70+ mph? can you ever fly up to the tops of trees and slowly go through the branches and look around? can you cruse around, looking at birds chirping on branches? not like you can when you feel that you are in a cockpit of a tiny aircraft capable of free flight. All of this will be gone and inaccessible to most of the population or be extremely difficult if regulations are passed. Yes we all need to figure out how all of this will work together. safety is important and I think having drone deliveries would be cool too but i should be able to fly in my back yard or at a park at 6 am with no one around if I wish. I shouldn’t have to pass an airline pilot exam to make a few $ of add revenue if I post my flight on youtube or have to go through complex legal hoops to film my grandpas birthday picknick and give him a perspective he would never have imagined. We need to all sit down and figure things out. hobbyists included. I want to voice my opinion on regulations and i want to be listened to. I dont want some official that has never even seen a drone or rc aircraft in person make rules governing them. I want everything to work and co exist but we need to have a fair conversation. This is a democracy after all, isnt it?”