, Las Cruces

, New Mexico

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 15:57:18
“Inexpensive models and scratch-building has opened a STEM hobby to a vastly-larger audience due to reduced barriers to entry; lower cost, simplicity of technology, availability of equipment due to broader market. Adding remote-ID to aircraft that are intended to be simple, entry-level models erases much of the progress in the hobby. I personally use model aircraft to teach STEM to Boy Scouts; it would be an unnecessary burden to me and anyone else who dabbles in the field to add technology and I would likely cease teaching due to increased cost and complexity. Instead of forcing the vast majority of hobbyists who abide by current regulations and are good citizens & neighbors to bear the burden, perhaps more accurately defining the problem to be addressed and basing solutions on the defined problems would be prudent. Find and deal with flyers who are creating safety and privacy issues; most of us hobbyists will aid in the search. Allowing commercial elements to control the conversation leaves citizens out in the cold: hobbyists have been flying for a long time; if delivery services want access to frequencies or airspace, they should work to fit in to existing schemes rather than redefine normal to suit themselves.”