, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-14 14:18:42
“The friendships built through radio controlled model aviation are important, deeply meaningful, and priceless. The vehicle of RC model aviation made these possible and provides the catalyst for there continuation. The stimulus that RC model aviation provides to design, create, and iterate RC successful model designs is a key component in my engineering endeavors and practice. It is richly rewarding to see and experience an original design flying as expected; sharing that design with friends and others in the RC community allows me to bring them the same delight. Instead of placing a burden of massive, cost-prohibitive restrictions and technology on those who have successfully, with the greatest safety record, enjoyed this hobby (“We fly toy planes and multi rotors.”), we, being the first to do so and with limited resources, money, and power, should, must, be given the right-of-way: the large companies, with, by comparison, infinite resources, money, and power, must yield to our vehicles while flying recreationally. They are the entities that must avoid us, just as motor vehicles yield and avoid the less powerful, the more vulnerable: i.e., pedestrians.”