, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-19 17:43:02
“I have been able to apply my knowledge and skillsets to build and also help develope numerous model aircraft. A major portion of this hobby for me IS the building and learning/teaching. The proposal as it stands would decimate most of what I do, and render what is still possible no longer worthwhile. I have flown the way I do, at the places I do, without incident for many years, as have thousands of others. The typical hobbyist I’d not thr problem, even the rare irresponsible and uneducated person that causes an incident is barely a problem, it has just been blown out of proportion through media fear mongering because private interests seek to exploit the technology for their gain, be it drone delivery or whatever. The true hobbyist that builds is not a real threat to any public safety, yet we already have more restrictions than some full scale forms of flight that actually have a death toll, this is an overreach with no statistical data to support the measures.”