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2020-02-21 16:56:04
“Flying RC has brought my father and I closer together and given us a common activity to spend time together which we both enjoy. My nephew is getting to the age where he is very curious about drones and has shown a big interest in flying RC. I personally would hate to see further restrictions that would make it nearly impossible for a kid like him to get into the hobby and start learning all about aviation, electronics, design, and responsibility. Building and flying model aircraft has taught me so much about electronics and radiowaves. It would be a shame to severely limit access to these technologies and stifle our youth. They are our future. I have witnessed several young men from my local RC flying site take their interest in model aviation to becoming full-scale pilots and working in the aviation industry. The current proposed regulations simply go too far and would have a major impact on our youth and future when it comes to making advances in the field of aviation and flight technology. It would also put hundreds, if not thousands of people out of jobs as the hobby will see a very sharp decline in active users. This hobby is everything to many people I know and forcing them to comply with the current proposed rules would effectively take that all away. While I agree that there is a growing concern for safety as our skies become more populated, there needs to be sensible regulation that does not stifle our future generations from becoming aviation enthusiasts.”