, Gonzales

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 11:53:33
“I have been flying and building RC aircraft since1993. In that time I have seen only two accidents that caused property damage. Both were resolved by the persons that had the accident. The places and people that I fly with are people that follow guidlines of safety rules of the AMA even if they may not be members. I think that the FAA is trying to regulate problems that have not been problems until drones came along and everybody that wanted to make a buck started selling them to anyone or any age that wanted one and no information as to danger or anything to do with privacy ot others is even considered by the sellers of the drone products. I think that the FAA is unreasonable to try to kill a hobby that has supported thousands of people for many years and educated a lot of individuals about aviation just because they want to restrict drone flying. One size fits all is never a way to approach any problem.”