, New London

, Connecticut

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 23:43:36
“I am concern that the proposed 12 month application period for “FAA recognized ID areas” will eventually result in land owners holding flying clubs hostage; if the club can’t get a new flying area, they’ll be forced to either pay whatever the land/lease owner wants, or disband the club. I work a day job as a mechanical engineer, but my job does not include much hands-on work and is all inside. Flying model aircraft gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I’ve been sharing this hobby with my girlfriend, and she has learned so much from it, and its helped us grow in our relationship. Being able to bring such amazing objects (model aircraft) into existence with my hands is immensely gratifying, and helps keep my day to day hope alive. It’s an experience so precious, my heart would break if it was taken away without the people changing the laws really understanding what it means to people like me. None of my models have onboard space for the additional hardware that would be required by the Remote ID in its current form. Even if these aircraft did have room, the hobbyist-grade control systems I use (FrSky Taranis X9D+ and Taranis Q) do not have the capability to fulfill Remote ID requirements. Furthermore, the extent of limitations proposed on control systems by the NPRM would make it nearly impossible to have a compliant control system usable for homebuilt aircraft. The cost of such a system would likely drive me to stop flying and lose a cherished pastime. I fly these aircraft at local ballfields, my backyard, and the nearest AMA airfield. I believe that a variation of the current LAANC notification system would be one of the better options for the recreational hobbyist.”