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2020-02-24 11:48:18
“I’ve learned a great deal from being able to freely modify/test inexpensive aircraft. Although most of mine are fairly small, I do have one fully-autonomous quadcopter and one full-manual ~3ft wingspan plane. The fully autonomous quad would potentially be convertible to provide remote ID, but almost all my other aircrafts would be outright impossible (weight of additional electronics would render them useless) or would be prohibitively expensive. I think it would be a great disservice to enforce remote ID to such an extent that inexpensive full-manual quads/helis/planes are no longer feasible because they all have to have sophisticated electronics to comply with regulations. Not everyone can justify the cost of expensive flight controllers with telemetry, some of us just want to get in the air and have a good time. I would be fine with written identification being required on the craft, like a license plate for a car, for larger aircraft and certainly for any fully-autonomous ones flown out of sight, but I think requiring remote ID for all aircraft would either lead to regulations never being enforced because nobody can comply, or a total destruction of the hobby aside from the most expensive quads where it is trivial to add remote ID.”