, Claremore

, Oklahoma

, United States

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2020-02-20 11:16:29
“I have been flying for almost a decade I have over 30 “drones”. I have built and bought planes and quads. I live in a mostly rural area on 5 acres and that’s my primary flight spots. I also have family access to over 200 private acres locally and I fly their with my brother and hopefully someday with his young to sons. I have built planes from scratch with my brothers and my daughter and hope to build many more. One of the types of flying I find most relaxing is thermal soaring which so far I have only done line of sight. I lay in a fully reclined lawn chair and search the sky for thermals, I have enjoyed up to an hour of flight time before without landing. This type of flight has been the most affected by the recent 400 foot altitude limit, that limit really limits the ability to thermal. I believe exceptions need to be made, a thermal glider like the radian is large in size but light in weight, and a lot lighter than the vulchers and hawks I sore with. There are way more large birds in the sky then rc planes and if the birds aren’t a problem then my glider shouldn’t be either.”