, Uniontown

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-14 13:20:04
“I have been an active, passionate RC pilot and AMA member for over 50 years, generally log over 300 flights per year, and have some 4,000 total flight hours. I am also a university professor with over 30 years instruction to over a thousand students in high technology disciplines. It is incredible how much experience with the R/C industry and rapidly changing technology over the years I have pulled from and integrate into the courses I teach to make more meaningful and real-world learning experiences for our nation’s next generation of problem-solvers. Had it not been for my life-long interest in aviation and practitioner of R/C modeling, my life would have been much more mundane. Historically, aviation has proven to be one of mankind’s most effective inspirations to “aim higher” and strive for above average. And model aviation has provided the conduit for so many young minds. It would be a grave mistake to throw all that aside, stymie future generations of innovators, and jeopardize our great country’s position as a world leader by blindly imposing inappropriate and undue burdensome regulations on the model aviation community.”