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2020-02-15 13:48:52
“Humans have been fascinated by flight for centuries. Flying models existed long before humans took to the skies and are still a fascination today. The advent of better and smaller technologies has made model flight into the fanciful experience it is today. Just walk into a Target, Best Buy, local hobby store, etc or peruse your online retailer of choice and you’ll find planes, helicopters, quadcopters, transforming vehicles that can ride on land or on water, then take to the skies. Many are ready to fly and mostly toys that belong in a local park or back yard rather than a club flying field alongside the guy flying his expensive corsair with 1400mm wings. Your little 800mm winged Cessna is literally just a toy in comparison, even though the FAA thinks at 350g its a menace to society that needs to be tagged, tracked, and restricted. Its infinitely more likely to break apart on a bad landing than to bring down a plane. Just think of the neighbor you’ll get to meet when you take your kid flying and a gust blows the plane off course and into their tree. I had to sit and count how many aircraft I own. As of today it is 25, with a two more waiting to be built. They are planes, quads, helicopters. Most are built from kits or bought bnf/rtf from a store, and about a third are craft I designed, crafted and flew. Some are in various states of rebuilding and others are ready to toss in a battery and take to the sky. I’ve put a camera at some point in time on pretty much all of my aircraft, even the ones that weigh a measly 30g. Why? Because putting on a pair of goggles or watching a recorded flight with the vantage point from the sky is simply amazing, and very safe. I usually fly at local parks, early in the morning before work. I find an open soccer field, devoid of anyone, aside from the occasional dog walker doing the rounds. The air is calm and there is a peace. Other times I’ll flying down my neighborhood streets, looping around the block or weaving through tall trees lining the street. I often bring a flying toy or two on trips. They are a fun way to capture the family exploring nature or just to capture nature from a different vantage point. I have used planes and quads to teach school children. One particular experience was having a bunch of jr high students protect eggs, and then drop them from 50′,100′ and 200′ in the air. I was initially annoyed by the LAANC system that was put together, but as I’ve used it to get clearance for my larger craft, I am very confused why the FAA is planning to do something different. I already have and ID for my appropriate aircraft and make appropriate notifications before flying. If anything I am frustrated after knowing the rules and then seeing a MANNED aircraft break them, flying well below the authorized flight ceiling. I also don’t see the need to care about airspace that is literally in the middle of a desert. If amateur rockets can be launched a thousand feet up, why can’t a plane be flown? My story is probably not unique. I run into folks like me frequently. I see them at parks. We share videos online – not just on YouTube. I follow the laws. I enjoy the hobby. These new rules would take that all away.”