, Cleveland

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-19 12:47:02
“The love of aviation started in my family with my grandfather who was a pilot. Once he couldn’t fly any longer he after many years became interested in the rc hobby aspect of flying. Now today I fly and my young children have a clear and vivid interest with aviation. I have been flying rc for nearly 25 years. The proposed regulations the FAA has offered are a limp wristed attempt to over regulate and take away simple freedoms that we shouldn’t have to beg to continue enjoying. Government bureaucracies typically chip away at freedoms while neglecting to realize those who suffer are the very people who obey the law. The FAA must also acknowledge the simple truth that millions of people build rc aircraft with almost anything. Balsa, foam, and even cardboard. Knowing how easy it is to build a “flyable” rc airplane, we must realize that overregulation would only hurt those who fly rc with safety and care. What’s more offensive is the fact that anybody with cash can purchase an ultralight aircraft that’s ready for flight. So by this proposal I could more easily obtain an actual airplane than an rc plane. I could purchase today off of the local Cleveland OH Facebook marketplace, a paramotor ultralight aircraft, and a few other ultralight aircraft. The hypocrisy in the notion that untrained, uneducated people can obtain those kinds of aircraft with little to no objection is laughable. All of that aside the FAA must distinguish between fixed wing rc aircraft and “drones” or quadcopters. Calling a horizon Hobby model Cessna a “uav” seems a bit of an exaggeration compared to drones. Please don’t take our hobby away!”