, Hurricane Mills

, Tennessee

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 13:20:05
“I have been flying model aircraft of various types for approximately 30 years and have never, not once, had a saftey issue, problem or even complaint from another person. Designing, building and flying is not just a hobby, it’s therapeutic in a way. It’s my chance to exercise various skills (design, construction, electronics, programming etc.) and then take my project out and enjoy the results. Flying FPV (First Person View) is a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of life on the ground. It’s my one and only get away….much better than drinking or drugs. Rarely do I fly over 150ft above ground level, WELL lower than currently allowed. So if a maned aircraft is sharing the same space, they have much bigger problems than my activities. The nearest airport is a tiny county airport 13 miles away. I simply don’t understand how or why I should bear the brunt of ridiculous regulations when in no way am I a threat to anything other than a tree, corn field or the ground. I understand that the availability of high tech, easy to fly equipment has given more people the ability to take to the air. Perhaps the FAA and local law enforcement should work a little harder and make big, public examples out of the airport, power plant, bridge and building diving idiots rather than restricting the 98% of the community that actually has common sense. There’s always going to be a tiny percent that are going to be a problem. If the proposed regulations go into effect, they will simply make outlaws out of more people than people that will be ‘saved’ from some phantom saftey specter.”