, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-21 9:43:51
“I have been flying for 20 years and do not see why I have to suffer from companies wanting control of the sky. As a model airplane builder and pilot I always operate my planes in a safe and respectful manner and never fly above or around other people. Where I fly in my rural area we do not have cell service so I do not see how I will comply with remote ID. I have over 40 planes mostly kit built and fly them from my property almost daily. I have complied with FAA registration and am also a member of AMA and three different clubs. However each club is over an hour away so I mainly fly from my property in a safe and respectful manner. I agree that Drones flying over populated areas should require remote ID however drone “pilots” will be the first ones to not care about the remote ID requirements as most of them are not as involved in the aviation community as pilots of fixed wing and traditional heli’s are. The thousands of youtubers that use drones for video purposes will not follow your requests and the only ones carrying the burden of your new regulations will be the already declining hobbyist. Please don’t ruin our hobby thank you”