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, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-19 14:00:53
“Me personally I fly at our local club that I’ve been a member of since I was 13, I am now 28 and have always been a member of the AMA and a member of our club. Not trying to disagree with the FAA but to someone like myself and a majority of the rest of the club members in the club I am a member of just like to fly. We have our own rules and regulations to coincide with the AMA charter our club has and to abide by the townships rules. Everybody in our club flys anything from small or micro sized airplanes, up to the most common of sized airplanes ranging from 20 size to 60 size; in all electrics, glow fuel, and gas petrol powerplants. We all follow our rules from the club and the AMA rules to keep everything as safe and as fun as the hobby should be. Me personally I just love flying, it’s a de-stresser and relaxing hobby for me at the field and at home. I’m an avid modeler and builder of this hobby. Nothing is more pleasing to build one of these crafts, whether its it’s a small beginner build it yourself plane like the ones from flite test or a bigger kit that you have to build up from a box of wood and parts. Once it’s done and you get to go fly it it’s an amazing feeling and accomplishment on your own feelings. And also can be a huge family hobby too getting your kids to build something together and go fly it is another big accomplishment of feelings. I understand there should be some rules put forth for the people in this hobby who somewhat abuse hobby but I cant say of it because I don’t know of it. RC Drones and helicopters are one thing but to us guys and gals who fly model airplanes respectfully usually do not go in harm’s way with our models because a majority of us put so much time, work, energy and money sometimes into our models that we don’t want to see it being abused or by any means danger someone or something. Accidents happen yes but it hurts us just as much as it hurts the aircraft. Yes flying any kind of rc aircraft period takes skill that is not known and is needed to be taught/learned but if you go to a local club, I am 100% positive you can find a member of the club who would be glad to teach you if you were serious on getting into the hobby and there are numerous amounts of beginner rc aircraft out there to learn on before you get into the more intermediate and advanced models this hobby has to offer. I don’t disagree with the FAA but to someone like me who just loves flying my fleet of airplanes mostly patern style, they should ease off a little bit because we already respect the hobby enough to make sure nothing dangerous will happen. Just my own input. I could go on for paragraphs/hours talking about this hobby but I’ll leave it at this for now. Sincerely: Joseph W. Jobe Sr Of local club MARCS Madison Area Radio Control Society Madison Wisconsin”