, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-14 1:10:41
“I have wanted to fly rc airplanes ever since I was a young boy, but the cost was far too great and stores too far away ( I was raised before the internet) for me to enter the hobby. It wasn’t until I found Flite Test at age 38, that I saw the benifits of scratch building with inexpensive materials. This changed everything and I was able to fulfill the lifetime goal of flying. These days I am a homeschool dad of 3, and devote time each week for my two oldest to design and build a plane. We then take them out back to the pasture and (try to) fly their creations. Sometimes they fly, other times they crash miserably, but they always provide a good lesson. The quality time and opportunity for creativity the rc airplanes provide for my family is second to none. I fear that the added regulations, as proposed, would kill this special hobby, not only for my family, but for many others like us. Being able to fly over pastures and other such spaces, is the only possible way for many of us in rural America to fly our beloved planes. There are no flying fields within an hour drive for lots of rc pilots. The cell/internet based locators may work fine for near city pilots, but lots of us can’t even get cable tv in our houses. We love sharing the hobby with my kid’s friends, and seeing the excitement when they take control and fly a plane they built with their hands, is a satisfaction I hope does not get regulated out of existence.”