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2020-02-20 19:04:17
“Because it relaxes me the most to have my flying time after work and uni. Currently an Ivy student working hard. I prefer flying than hunting, drinking, cars or whatever. It helped me spark my interest even more in tech and made me do a master in computer and information technology. I literally come from business administration. And I can utilize my knowledge in current job fairs and with ongoing projects. I am literally planning to build a startup on this technology which will bring a greater cause to third world countries. Because the tech is currently so accessible, low budget setups are possible that get te job done. It’s easy enough to teach basics to students, kids and anyone. So limiting this will limit the innovation. I literally come from bluetooth beacons rf technology and unique id’s in retail. Founded a SAP Hana startup. And all I can say is this will slow down innovation and give only big names like dji a chance to maybe succeed. Innovation will go further away to China. Plus all the then illegally flying people will cost huge sums to track, find and so on. It’s not worth it moneywise, innovation wise and strategically regarding resource usage. I would recommend the Tim wood + c technique to see which actual smart goals the faa has and how this can be reduced down to what’s necessary and works the best.”